Leading change is extremely difficult and will challenge the intellectual and emotional fiber of even the best school administrators. The reality is that many school leaders work in school districts that resist change even when there is clear data that change is needed (e.g., unmet student needs, morale problems, personnel issues). The sheer desire to create an effective learning culture is not enough to overcome resistance and gain support from the faculty and community.

Leadership for School Change can help you and your team members develop an action plan for improvement that is practical, effective and sustainable. Paul Ash is a former superintendent of schools, an executive coach, an author and a nationally recognized presenter who specializes in helping school administrators tackle significant problems to improve their schools. To help districts succeed, he works with school leaders to create an ongoing results-oriented, problem-solving culture. He can also help your school or district develop high levels of trust, a culture of collaboration, effective professional learning programs, and leadership at all levels.

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Paul B. Ash, Ph.D.