I am Paul Ash, and this is my website — my idea factory — for how inspired leadership can change underperforming public school.

You’ve probably heard that claim before, or something like it. Almost every week, there’s a new book published, or a new policy proposed, about fixing what ails our nation’s public schools. So I understand that you may be skeptical.

Who am I to offer a solution to educational problems? Well, I have practical, hands-on experience in transforming academically inferior school districts into award-winning, highly competitive juggernauts of academic achievement and personal growth. My resume is on the following page; see what I’ve accomplished.

I am now ash_paul-1beginning a new phase of my career. I want to use my 30+ years in education to help struggling school districts learn how to transform themselves by overcoming obstacles while also building their human capacity for learning and growth. I don’t offer canned, one-size-fits-all programs. Instead, my solutions come at the end of a thorough analysis of a district’s problems — and possibilities. Only after I obtain a firm, detailed g

Let me quickly add that change does not imply upheaval, at least as I see it. My methods do not create anxiety, conflict or “scorched earth” solutions. They are focused on instilling leadership qualities in superintendents, administrators and teachers so that classroom education improves steadily over time, with clearly stated goals and meaningful performance benchmarks.

My ideas about changing schools for the better are not revolutionary, nor are they incremental. Change arises from adherence (buy in) to core principles that unite staff, administrators, teachers and students in a singular, focused effort on constant improvement. What are those principles? Contact me at paula100@aol.com, and let’s begin a discussion.

For now, thanks for visiting Leadership For School Change. Please, brow through this site; read about my career, some of the things I’ve published, and try to get a feel for what I’m about, and how I might help you.
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