About LFSC

ash_paul-1Leadership for School Change (LFSC) was established to help school leaders respond effectively to change. LFSC can help school leaders navigate the entire change process to clarify goals, build urgency, create guiding coalitions, communicate effectively, overcome obstacles, and design sufficient professional support to ensure long-term success and sustainability. Our services include executive coaching and numerous workshops for school leaders and teachers.

Since 2005, Dr. Ash has demonstrated success with a wide range of leadership challenges in Lexington, Massachusetts, where he served as Superintendent of Schools from 2005 to 2015. Here are some examples of areas where he can help you improve your schools:

Education: Closing achievement gaps and raising achievement for all students. By grade 10, the Lexington schools closed the achievement gap for all or nearly all students, as measured by high-stakes Massachusetts tests (ELA – 100% proficient or advanced, Math – 96% proficient or advanced). On April 29, 2016, the New York Times reported that a recent Stanford University study ranked student educational attainment for nearly all school districts in the United States. Lexington was ranked #1 based on 2008-2013 state and national data for grade 6. In 2017, The Education Trust produced three podcasts that tells Lexington’s story – how they closed achievement gaps by grade 10 (see the section on Articles and Links).

Personnel administration and labor law: Improving personnel practices. Dr.Ash has more than 30 years of experience in all areas of school personnel administration, including administrative searches, collective bargaining, and labor law. In 2014, Lexington won a major dismissal case before the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court and changed the scope of an arbitrator’s authority.

Dr. Ash served as the past president of the Massachusetts Association of School Personnel Administrators. In his early years as an educator, he was elected president of the Dover-Sherborn Teachers’ Association.

School Culture: Working with the union to improve professional relationships. In three years, Dr. Ash significantly improved teacher morale. In 2014, The Boston Globe named the Lexington Public Schools as one of the top twenty-five places to work in Massachusetts with 1000 or more employees.

Manage a community crisis: Fighting for the needs of students. In 2011, Dr. Ash worked with the community and the Environmental Protection Agency to resolve a major chemical hazard in an elementary school. In 2008, Lexington won a case in the US Court of Appeals (Parker v. Hurley) upholding the right of the school system to use books that include all types of families, including same-sex parents.

Finance: Improving financial operations. Dr. Ash turned around a financial deficit and major accounting problems in the school system. In 2012, Lexington won a state award for best financial operations and restored public confidence.

After serving 30+ years as superintendent and a school administrator in three public school systems, Dr. Paul Ash formed LFSC to support school administrators who want to succeed as school leaders. From 2005 to 2015, Dr. Ash served as the Superintendent of Schools in Lexington, Massachusetts, a school district with 6,700 students, located 13 miles northwest of Boston.

Dr. Ash has also served as the Superintendent of Schools in Westwood (MA), Assistant Superintendent in Wellesley (MA), school committee member in Newton (MA), union president in Dover (MA) and in various leadership roles including state professional organizations and the Governing Board for AASA. Dr. Ash began his career as a high school science teacher.